Welcome to Ellington & French, a delightful home furnishings store in Berkeley, California, featuring fine decor from the past and present since 2004. Gathered from all corners of the world, Ellington & French curates merchandise ranging from unique antiques to modern classics.

Frequent arrivals of new items are found sprinkled amongst our core offerings, tempting you with an ever-changing story. Today you will find vases overflowing with seasonal flora, a sampling of gorgeous flatware mixed with lustrous glassware, and handsome candles sitting atop an antique Venetian commode. Our unique collection of bewitching botanicals will draw you further in, enticing you to indulge. Whether it is one of our custom-made pillows crafted from vintage linen and antique buttons, or a unique piece of jewelry to commemorate a special occasion, we are excited to share our discoveries with you in our variety and fancy store.